Angela is a force to be reckoned with.

Angela is one of a kind. Her determination and passion is immeasurable and it has been so wonderful to see her grow, inspire, and encourage others on her incredible journey.

Whether it is simple and healthy foods, inspirational quotes, or super easy, yet profoundly helpful exercises.

- Alexandria Hotmer PsyD, RYT owner of Autumn & Fig


Angela embodies sexy and soulful!

Angela’s positivity is radiant and contagious! After speaking with her I am uplifted and energized, surging with ideas to create my content and courses. Angela has a way of making anyone feel relaxed, accepted and acknowledged. If anyone can create an environment that educates, comforts and offer all the tools for unbelievable results, Angela is it. In one Beautiful package, just waiting to be unwrapped and brought into your life.

- Muir Chavez, Lifestyle and Business Clarity Coach and Mentor

So wonderful I don't know where to start!

Angela is a very special person, one who positively impacts everyone she comes in contact with. Her outlook on life is amazing and wonderful and I feel very lucky to be working with her. In the short time I have known Angela, she has helped me make so many positive changes and she brings out the best in me. Angela is a great coach - encouraging, empowering, and she does it in a firm but friendly way, and she also doesn't let me slack! Angela has great interpersonal skills, evident by the great smiles she elicits from everyone who sees her. Thank you Angela for all you are, a true gift to those around you.

__ Linda Sweeney

“A constant source of support, encouragement, inspiration, and education.”

Angela is a constant source of support, encouragement, inspiration, and education. She wants us to achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles through proper nutrition, diversified workouts involving stretching, cardio, and resistance. Angela also stresses the importance of being mentally and emotionally fit, stay connected with others, laugh, get outdoors, and don't be afraid to go outside our comfort zone. 

In January 2017, I had a Total Hip Replacement and I am still in PT with rehabbing and recovery. Through this trying, challenging ordeal Angela has stayed with me via cards, emails, text, private messages, and videos. Her constant support has truly helped me, and I am very grateful. 

I am sharing this because if you are looking for an excellent coach, trainer, mentor, one on one support system, Angela is the person for you. As a retired teacher and lifelong learner I believe it is important to share positive people who have enriched and inspired our lives. Thanks dear Angela.

- Kathleen Mooney; Retired School Teacher

"I look forward to every interaction we have"

Angela Cruz is one of the most generous and genuine people I have ever met.  She has taught me how to be healthier, happier, and more productive in my life.  Many people think harmony like this may be impossible.  Yet, Angela has shown me through her actions, suggestions, and online community presence that a peaceful, prosperous life can be achieved.

- Connie Montana; Bank of America

“Angela makes her job feel like time with your girlfriends”

Angela makes her job feel like time with your girlfriends.  She gave me some great insights on my goals and awesome tips on workouts that I was clueless about!  I'm more focused now.

- Melissa Marie; Paralegal