3 Mindful Ways to Wind down on a Weeknight

After a long, busy day nothing sounds better than kicking back, and relaxing on the couch catching up on your shows and indulging in your favorite snacks.  Am I right?

However, some nights you're so tired and take the phone, laptop, snacks, and to your living room or bedroom and calling it a night.

No judgement, it's all good, but can affect your sleeping patterns, energy levels, and how you look and feel overtime.  


Here are 3 mindful way to wind down on a weeknight so you can relax and wake up recharged for another busy day ahead.

1) Bag or Bowl It

Go ahead and enjoy your favorite snacks, whatever they may be.  However, place a portion or two of it in a bowl and savor versus taking the entire bag or package with you and overindulging. 

2) Stretch it Out

If you’re catching up on your favorite shows, or downtime reading, do some light, active stretches during commercial breaks, or between chapters. Light stretches keep your muscles flexible, preventing soreness, and getting fresh blood and oxygen throughout your body and relaxing you before bed.

3) Quit Multitasking

Yeah, tell that to any busy person!  Truth is, as humans we naturally aren't designed to multitask.  So when it comes to unwinding at the end of a long day pick one thing to focus on.  A TV show..watch it, a game on your phone..play it, reading a book..read it. Just don't do all these together because your brain will stay wired as you are slowing down for the night.

How do you unwind on a weeknight after a busy day?