Naturally healing my Thyroid…and how I’m doing it.

Last Thursday, I shared news that my test results came back from my Endocrinologist after my annual thyroid checkup.  Everything was within normal limits and the nodules on my throat even shrunk.

 I did all this without medication!

 When my doctor called with the results he left a voicemail sounding surprised and said to me "keep on doing what you're doing".


So what is it that I keep on doing?

Making healthy lifestyle choices.  Sounds simple enough, but it takes work!

When I was first diagnosed with my thyroid condition in 2011, hypothyroidism to be exact after my primary noticed an enlargement on my throat, I was prescribed medication.

As the years went by,  my thyroid hormone levels remained elevated while taking these meds and I never experienced any other significant changes.

It wasn’t until January 2017, when my medication was changed yet again, but this time I had an allergic reaction and broke out in hives.  

At this point, I DECIDED that I was in charge here and became way more intentional about my health than ever before.  

With my knowledge as a fitness and wellness pro, I stepped it up and incorporated even more of a variety of quality carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, getting adequate exercise, and plenty of beauty rest.

A few months after enhancing my lifestyle, any routine lab tests have come back within normal limits or slightly elevated, but nothing of major concern.  So when my doctor told me to "keep on doing what you're doing" I sure as hell did and feel great!

However, it’s a lot more than just eating a variety of quality foods, exercise, and begins within.  See, I made an intentional decision and that’s when things began to shift.

I have faith in the process, things always work out in my favor (one of my journaling prompts), established healthy boundaries, including saying “no” to circumstances that don’t benefit me, and continue developing an all round optimistic view of life no matter what.

When you desire to achieve a goal, you must first do the internal work for long term sustainability and success.  Caring for your mind, body, and spirit is the most important investments anyone can make.

Why your Neck may be affecting your Weight Loss Goals


This definitely may not be the first part of the body you think of when it comes to weight loss and metabolism, however it’s a important factor because the neck is where your thyroid is.⁣

Your thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped organ (hence why I’m holding one up) located at the base of your neck and regulates many bodily functions such as heart rate, breathing patterns, and metabolism such as how many calories your body burns or doesn’t burn, hence weight loss/gain.⁣

Even though it’s the first day of February, January is National Thyroid Awareness Month and this is a topic that is near to me since I have a chronic thyroid condition that I’ve been living with since 2011.⁣

I remember going for a routine physical when my doctor noticed an enlargement on the front right side of my neck (see below) and naturally was concerned. At the time I never noticed it, nor experienced any common symptoms associated with the thyroid. ⁣

So after being sent to a specialist and having some routine tests I was diagnosed as hypothyroid. ⁣

Hypothyroidism causes weight gain, slow heart rate, low energy, and fatigue which my tests confirmed. However, I experience the opposite symptoms of hyperthyroidism which is common.⁣
⁣Anyone with a thyroid condition experiences symptoms differently and they can change. Women are also more likely than men to experience thyroid issues do to our reproductive system.⁣

As a young, active healthy woman here entire life, this diagnosis was a shock to say the least. I remember feeling sad, confused and down right scared. ⁣

But after a few days, I accepted this was a part of me now and this diagnosis was my wake-up call that inspired me to take the leap of faith in pursuing my dreams and starting my entrepreneurial journey to help other women achieve their fitness and health goals among their busy lives.⁣

Do you live with a thyroid or medical condition that has inspired you to live life with a fresh perspective?⁣