3 Ways to make Healthy Fast Food Choices

There's been occasions when we’ve all gotten caught up with our busy schedules and not having the time or energy to prep or pack healthier meals. Therefore the most convenient option is the closest fast food or quick service restaurants when on the go.


The downside to the convenience is the food options aren’t the healthiest. Fortunately, many of these fast food and quick service chains have revamped their menus to include healthier options.  

If you’re someone who does enjoy fast food but want to make wiser choices or find it may be the only option at the moment, here are 3 simple ways to make healthier choices when placing your next order.

1) Be a Kid

Or at least order off their menu. Believe it or not, the kids menu is closer in proximity to what standard American portion sizes should be. Also, most kids menus have the option of including a side of fruit or veggies instead of fries or chips. Bonus..you get a prize! 

2) Tell them what you want

Ask for condiments on the side, substitute fries for veggies, chicken or beef patty without the bun, or customize your meal in a way that works for you and eliminating those extra unhealthy calories.

3) Skip the Soft Drinks

The best thing you can do when enhancing your fast food experience is to skip out on the soft drinks filled with sugar and empty calories and opt for water or unsweetened tea instead.

Final thoughts…

At the end of the day cut yourself some slack and don’t go into a guilt trip over the food choices you made. Though maybe not the best choice, look at it this way “it's better to eat something than not eating at all”.  Come on, I bet you really enjoyed those fries anyway.

Eat all the Cheeseburgers you want and still Lose Weight!


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you I mean it, in moderation though. ⁣

As a fitness and wellness pro one thing I encourage my clients and any individual to do is eat anything and everything you love while still able to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals. ⁣

Oh I’ve been judged, misunderstood, and though I’m in the middle of working on my recipe book with healthier food options, told I don’t make any sense because I’m someone who promotes a healthy lifestyle but encourages eating anything. ⁣

First of all, a healthy lifestyle is different for everyone, and what doesn’t make sense to me is how you can deprive yourself of foods and beverages you enjoy and thinking it’s healthy. Deprivation is not healthy!⁣

Food is cultural, it brings people together, and just down right tasty...right?⁣

When you deprive yourself, or claim you’re going to have a “cheat day” or a “cheat meal” that way of thinking associates with negativity like cheating on a test or in a relationship.⁣

There’s absolutely no reason to deprive, cheat, feel bad, or give up your favorite foods.⁣