Make yourself a priority in 2019!


I set a clear intention last year to make myself a priority in 2018.  

This isn’t being selfish, it’s a form of self-care because when we prioritize our health, needs, and desires, other areas of our life enhance as well.

Since I’ve prioritized my own health, needs, and desires this year, it’s empowered me to set clear, healthy boundaries by standing my ground and saying no with ease, build self-discipline, develop strong, healthy relationships, and really just step into the women I’m meant to be….unapologetically.

It’s been an incredible past year, despite suffering a concussion, dealing with some minor health issues, not achieving certain goals, ending relationships, and the passing of my 17 year old cat Sandy.  

These challenges have inspired me to see life with a whole new perspective, and appreciate all the blessings and memories of another incredible year.

As we have approached the final days of 2018 I want to encourage you to not get caught up on the challenges or what goals you haven’t yet achieved, but rather celebrate all the successes and wins you’ve had this year and making yourself a priority in 2019.

What’s a major win you’ve had this year?


Did you feel unproductive on New Year's Day?  Who am I kidding, the holiday festivities have come to an end and everyone seems to be a bit sidetracked from their standard routine.

Now, I spent the first day of 2018 completely unproductive, a self-proclaimed "lazy day".  Just spent the day playing some Super Nintendo, took a warm bath, and napped on and off.  Let me tell was awesome! 

One year ago, I attended a family brunch on New Years Day to ring in 2017 and would of felt so guilty if I instead had spent that day doing absolutely nothing.  

But during the past 12 months I have cultivated the belief that everything in life falls into place just as it's meant to, Divine Timing as many would say.

Being unproductive from time to time is actually healthy for the mind, body, and spirit.  Let me explain...

Now I don't know if you set New Years resolutions or not, but everyday is an opportunity to work towards your goals.  


Naturally, challenges and feelings of uneasiness will pop up and as you push through them a lot of your energy becomes depleted, and taking a time out to reassess with some self care needs to be a priority.

There is no way I feel guilty for spending New Years Day unproductive, my health and well being needed this after a long, festive holiday season.  Today I feel charged and ready for 2018....

so let the adventures begin.  Happy New Year!