Positively Charged!

Earlier this month, I attended a full day wellness retreat called The Positivity Charge.


The morning began with a light breakfast, yoga, and then an all female panel of beauty, health, wellness, and real estate professionals. They discussed how their industries impact the world and the importance of cultivating a positive mindset to enhance our health and quality of living.

I walked away inspired, energized, and with new friendships as I connected with other ambitious, like-minded women who had a mission to leave a positive impact in this world.

It's important to physically get yourself out there (even if you're an introvert like me), attending events and establishing positive, healthy relationships with like- minded people. This is crucial to stay inspired as we strive to succeed.

Do you attend meetups/events regularly?

New Friends bring New Energy to your Soul!

One of my greatest highlights of 2019 are the new friendships I’ve made this year, including this one.

Meet my friend Nicole, who I met in February at an event and we instantly hit it off. Both have a love for fitness, wellness, and inspiring others to live their best lives.

She introduced me to a nutrition and wellness company that has enhanced my health, and she has also been a great inspiration to me.

It’s so important to build a strong, supportive network of friendship who cheer you on and hold you accountable in you achieving your dreams and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.