3 Ways to Get & Stay Fit this Fall with a Busy Schedule

Now that the unofficial end of summer has come and gone with Labor Day, we are all transitioning in one way or another back to our routines. From a new school year, work, life change our busy lives and it can be a quite and adjustment.

I had a long, busy past week with being completely out of routine. At work, we closed the gym down for our annual clean up of the facility. Though the days were long, and tiring I still managed to stay consistent with my workouts first thing in the morning and fueling myself with a nutritious Creamy Dutch Chocolate IsaLean shake.

I pulled through and by the time Friday at noon hit, I unplugged and got my downtime in.


Bottom line, we’re all busy, and just because we may have a slight change in our everyday routine doesn’t mean we need to put our health aside. For me, at least getting my daily workout, healthy shake, and sleep in was a non-negotiable and I feel great because I didn’t let it slide.

As we transition into fall, the season of change in only a few short weeks, staying consistent with our health and well-being must take front and center priority. It impacts our relationships (including self), environment, and quality of living.

Here are 3 ways to stay healthy and fit as the fall season approaches.

1) Get Organized

This may sound overwhelming in itself, thinking “where do I find the time”? You do have the time, take small steps. First, think about your fitness and wellness goal, just one for now.  From there begin by eliminating what doesn’t support you in achieving that goal (i.e. junk food in the kitchen, office desk).

For example, at work clean out your desk and office space from clutter, filing important papers and documents. At home go through your kitchen and start by cleaning out a refrigerator drawer, go through a pantry shelf and toss the unhealthy foods.  This allows room to add in those healthier, quality foods to eat.

2) Enjoy the Outdoors

As the weather begins to cool down, and that fresh crisp is in the air it’s a great way to heighten the senses. The crisp air, breeze, transition of the fall foliage, these months are a great time to exercise outdoors, even a brisk walk during your lunch break, when you get home from work, or after dinner. It’s healthy for the senses, immunity, and improves your mood.

3) Mix your Routine Up

Make small changes in your routine to stay inspired. I mentioned working out at a different gym for instance. Possibly working out at a different time then you typically would? Maybe experimenting with a different meal option you normally wouldn’t of eaten before? Let’s face it, it can get pretty boring eating the same thing again and again. A lot of produce is coming into season such as apples, squash, pomegranate, and oh pumpkin spice.



Feeling all JACKed up today!


Pumped up, jacked up, or whatever you'd like to call it..I'm feeling great this morning!

Yesterday, I had the honor and privilege of attending a personal development seminar in Philadelphia hosted by author and speaker Jack Canfield. Jack co-created the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, and even appeared in the movie The Secret.

Over 700 people attended this full day event and I made some new friends, connections, and walked away with much inspiration and motivation as I begin this next phase of my journey.

Today, I'm taking some time to digest everything from yesterday. It's important to surround yourself with like minded individuals who support and hold you accountable in achieving your goals. This keeps you inspired and less likely to put them on the back burner.

Make yourself a priority! This is my #1 intention. I get you are busy, have family, work, and many other things to juggle on your plate, but if you're not taking care of your mind, body, and spirit how do you expect to show up fully in these important areas of your life?

If you are looking for support and accountability in sustaining your health and fitness goals this summer, please just reply to this email with a 'YES' and I'll be in touch.


3 Tips to Upgrade your Life + go for it!


This past Monday, I got a brand new car.  Yup, a brand new 2019 Honda Civic Sedan which is a major upgrade from my 1996 Saturn Coupe.  I loved my Saturn, with its missing door handle, and chipped paint, this car was so good to me.  It saved my life twice and always got me to and from my destinations safely.

But it was time, time for a change, a well deserved upgrade I owed it to myself and to my Saturn.

This is something I was contemplating for quite some time, that I’d eventually get a new vehicle but wasn’t clear on what I actually wanted or really taking it that seriously.

Last fall I rented a car which happened to be a Honda Accord.  It was awesome, but a bit too big.  However, I was hooked and decided that my next car would be a 2019 Red Honda Civic Sedan.  I even printed a picture and placed it on one of my vision boards in January of this year.

Fast forward to April 13th when I was driving my Saturn on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when out of nowhere my check engine light randomly came on.  I didn’t panic (like I would of in the past), just took a deep breath and saw it as a sign it was time to upgrade.

That following week I began my research, contacted my local Honda dealer and drove home on Monday with 'Valentina', my Honda Civic.

Upgrades in life are essential to reaching your goals and success. You need to see your goals and dreams as something normal and tangible right now in the present moment. 

Here are the following I steps I took to upgrade and hope to encourage you in doing the same.

1)  Get CLEAR on what you want!
I was specific about the exact car I desired in detail and journaled about it and even had the picture on my vision board.  I envisioned myself driving it. Look at it this way, if you don’t know what you want, then how do you expect to receive it?

2)  DECIDE & CLAIM it!
Finally make a decision, this is game time and claim it. Once my check engine light came on I decided this was it.

3)  Know you DESERVE it!
I got clear, decided and claimed by brand new 2019 Red Honda Civic Sedan with the features I wanted because I deserved it.  It’s so important that we reward ourselves it keeps us motivated.

Your turn, what are you upgrading in your life? Remember…get clear, decide, claim it and know you deserve it!


Pay yourself every time you Exercise!


I’m sharing a fun fitness tip to keep you motivated to exercise and hold yourself accountable in doing so all March long. Bonus, you get rewarded at the end of the month. ⁣

All you need is a mason jar, piggy bank, bottle, or anything to store extra change.⁣

Each time you workout this month fill that jar with any spare change. This is fun because it will be a different amount each time. Maybe a penny you find on the ground, a few nickels in your wallet, a dollar bill, five dollars...you get the idea.⁣

On the 30th or 31st, count up all the change and reward yourself with something that you enjoy. A new book, pair of shoes, a blender..whatever your little heart desires. ⁣

I’m totally all in for this challenge, are you with me? Just reply with a ‘yes’ in the comments. ⁣