3 Easy ways to stay Healthy & Fit this Summer

Oh sweet summer. We enjoy the longer days, cookouts, vacations, and a much deserved break from the everyday hustle and bustle we’ve been putting in all year. Yes, the living is laid back and easy, but it can also wreak havoc on your health and fitness if you let it.


I encourage you to let loose and enjoy the summer to the fullest, but at the same time don't lose sight of your health and fitness progress.  

Here are 3 easy ways to stay healthy and fit this summer:

1) Pick up the Pace!

You can easily and quickly add a few stretches, pick up your pace while walking, and add some form of resistance training with exercise bands, dumbbells, a hand towel, or your own body weight.  Click here to watch my hand towel exercise video.

2) Eat your Water.

Stay hydrated with natural drinking water of course, but take advantage of seasonal produce such as watermelon, cucumbers, zucchini, tomatoes, and pineapples which contain a high water content, and many vitamins and minerals to keep your body healthy and hydrated during these hot, humid months.

3) Disconnect to Reconnect.

Take a break from the internet, including social media.  Put down the phone, log off the computer, and be present in the moment.  You will feel more calm, at ease, and have an opportunity to engage in more meaningful conversations and participate in summer activities with those you most care about.



5 Simple Tips to Get your Beauty Rest

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It's no secret that the majority of the population is deeply affected by not getting adequate amounts of a good night's sleep.   Aside from causing stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation may causes a number of negative effects on one's health such as weight gain, memory loss, and high blood pressure.

Unfortunately sleep gets underlooked as a waste of time and consideration, but it's a crucial component to health and wellbeing.  A great night's rest helps to

Here are 5 tips to get a good night's rest: 

1) Enjoy a warm bath or shower
The warm water eases tension, soothes muscles and relieves stress that may have accumulated throughout the day.

2) Aromatherapy
Adding a few drops of essential oils is a natural and therapeutic way to wind your body down. Lavender is one of my go-to oils and I like to add a few drops onto my pillow before bed.

3) Unplug It
Disconnect from social media and work devices. The light from digital devices disturbs our sleep hormones, making a good night's rest difficult.

4) Purify the Air
This is especially beneficial during the colder months. An air purifier eliminates dryness, dust and bacteria in the air, and eases breathing patterns while you sleep. 

5) Set the Mood
At least 30 minutes before bed, turn off extra lights and distractions. Turn on a fan, play calming music to adjust to your environment. This routine programs your body by helping it ease into a restful sleep.

New Year's Fitness Resolutions are Stupid!

But why?  

I mean, they’re super easy to make, and the anticipation of a fresh start, cutting out all the processed junk foods, losing that extra weight, and looking and feeling your hottest is exciting!


Besides, it’s motivating to see your co-workers and friends commit to their fitness resolutions as they’re getting into shape, skyrocketing their confidence, and living life to the fullest.

You’re thinking, “I want that”, “if they can do it, then I can do it too”.

So why are these resolutions stupid then?  Because they’re easy, easier said than done and you know you just won’t commit.

As the excitement of the holiday rush is through and we’re almost a week into 2019, the New year, new me anticipation is beginning to wear off (if it hasn’t already) and you’re back to the grind balancing that busy work, home life routine.

Yup, back to that boring old routine leaving you feeling tired, miserable, and continuing to spin your wheels day in and day out.

Listen, there’s always a reason to not commit to your fitness resolutions from lacking the motivation, attending to family and work obligations, boredom by starting then stopping over and over, oh and the big one..not having the time.

Those are just a few reasons, but why haven’t you committed to your fitness resolutions once and for all?