3 Healthy Ways to Cope with Stress & Setbacks

Between the full moon, eclipses, mercury retrograde, and a massive heat wave here in the NE, July has been nothing short of an intense month.

All is well in my world, but over the past couple of weeks on top of the intensity I was stressed.

I’ve recently been experiencing some healthy changes in my personal and professional life which have been both exciting and challenging. Though challenges are part of the growth process it’s also overwhelming.


Unfortunately, there are unhealthy ways people deal with stress and setbacks for short term gratification. But I’m sharing 3 healthy ways that I cope with it and can hopefully encourage you to do the same.


See the stressful moment/setback as a teachable moment and what you can learn from it before proceeding forward. Trust the process, you may be surprised to find just the answers you need.


If you’ve been following me for awhile I journal every single morning. By consistently writing out positive affirmations and repeating them to myself throughout the day, they become habitual, therefore my reality. A common affirmation that I repeat, “Of course things always work out positively in my favor”. This is great in moments when I’m not sure of what to really expect. It makes a HUGE difference.

3) TAKE A T.O.

Yes, take some time out of your busy schedule. No excuses, we ALL have the time. Take a break from social media (I recently had a week long hiatus), decline an invite, take a personal day from work if you are able to. Whatever it may be, take some “me time” to indulge in something that rejuvenates you.

These 3 steps take time, patience, and practice, but definitely work! What are some healthy ways you cope with stress/setbacks?