Today marks my 730th day in a row of my daily journaling routine!

I feel richly blessed in more ways than one!  Celebrated my 33rd birthday yesterday, received news that my thyroid is stable, and today marks a HUGE milestone as I have reached the 2 year anniversary of my daily journaling routine.


That's right, every single morning for the past 730 days I've spent 30 minutes writing my goals, dreams, and desires as already achieved, or happening right now, and happening in the present, making them my reality now.

What started as writing a few lines in my composition book inspired by my amazing business coach quickly escalated to a habit of writing 2 full pages everyday.

I go through all areas of my life including health, how I desire to look and feel, relationships, finances, career, environment, even down to how I feel every day when I wake up.

Most of these I keep private, but here are some of my prompts used:

"I am so happy and grateful to..."
"Of course..."
"It is normal for me to..."
"I am worthy and deserving of..."

This practice has changed my entire life by ways of strengthening self-discipline, holding myself accountable with set goals and intentions, and bringing me to a state of mindfulness and gratitude for life.

Let me tell you, the more I write these down, believe, and use the power of visualization that’s when the magic happens.


With all the wins and personal growth experienced these past 2 years I owe a majority of it to this consistent daily practice.  Of course we must be specific about our goals, take inspired action, and stay consistent, but before any of that it starts WITHIN us by developing a positive mindset and the belief that we got what it takes!

Do you have a journal and/or a morning routine to set yourself up to win?