3 Tips to Upgrade your Life + go for it!


This past Monday, I got a brand new car.  Yup, a brand new 2019 Honda Civic Sedan which is a major upgrade from my 1996 Saturn Coupe.  I loved my Saturn, with its missing door handle, and chipped paint, this car was so good to me.  It saved my life twice and always got me to and from my destinations safely.

But it was time, time for a change, a well deserved upgrade I owed it to myself and to my Saturn.

This is something I was contemplating for quite some time, that I’d eventually get a new vehicle but wasn’t clear on what I actually wanted or really taking it that seriously.

Last fall I rented a car which happened to be a Honda Accord.  It was awesome, but a bit too big.  However, I was hooked and decided that my next car would be a 2019 Red Honda Civic Sedan.  I even printed a picture and placed it on one of my vision boards in January of this year.

Fast forward to April 13th when I was driving my Saturn on a beautiful Saturday afternoon when out of nowhere my check engine light randomly came on.  I didn’t panic (like I would of in the past), just took a deep breath and saw it as a sign it was time to upgrade.

That following week I began my research, contacted my local Honda dealer and drove home on Monday with 'Valentina', my Honda Civic.

Upgrades in life are essential to reaching your goals and success. You need to see your goals and dreams as something normal and tangible right now in the present moment. 

Here are the following I steps I took to upgrade and hope to encourage you in doing the same.

1)  Get CLEAR on what you want!
I was specific about the exact car I desired in detail and journaled about it and even had the picture on my vision board.  I envisioned myself driving it. Look at it this way, if you don’t know what you want, then how do you expect to receive it?

2)  DECIDE & CLAIM it!
Finally make a decision, this is game time and claim it. Once my check engine light came on I decided this was it.

3)  Know you DESERVE it!
I got clear, decided and claimed by brand new 2019 Red Honda Civic Sedan with the features I wanted because I deserved it.  It’s so important that we reward ourselves it keeps us motivated.

Your turn, what are you upgrading in your life? Remember…get clear, decide, claim it and know you deserve it!