New Year's Fitness Resolutions are Stupid!

But why?  

I mean, they’re super easy to make, and the anticipation of a fresh start, cutting out all the processed junk foods, losing that extra weight, and looking and feeling your hottest is exciting!


Besides, it’s motivating to see your co-workers and friends commit to their fitness resolutions as they’re getting into shape, skyrocketing their confidence, and living life to the fullest.

You’re thinking, “I want that”, “if they can do it, then I can do it too”.

So why are these resolutions stupid then?  Because they’re easy, easier said than done and you know you just won’t commit.

As the excitement of the holiday rush is through and we’re almost a week into 2019, the New year, new me anticipation is beginning to wear off (if it hasn’t already) and you’re back to the grind balancing that busy work, home life routine.

Yup, back to that boring old routine leaving you feeling tired, miserable, and continuing to spin your wheels day in and day out.

Listen, there’s always a reason to not commit to your fitness resolutions from lacking the motivation, attending to family and work obligations, boredom by starting then stopping over and over, oh and the big one..not having the time.

Those are just a few reasons, but why haven’t you committed to your fitness resolutions once and for all?