Oh look, here's another fitness girl showing off her body! 

Well, first of all...I'm not, and if anyone thinks otherwise that's their opinion and none of my business.

Truth is...

I was hesitant to share pictures of my body for a long time, out of fear of being labeled as some fitness chick showing off.  But I'm proud of my strong, healthy body that I've worked for and all that she is capable of doing.

The fitness and wellness industry easily becomes synonymous with weight loss, but that's not the only goal of everyone who is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I grew up living an active, healthy lifestyle and no, haven't struggled with my weight.  But I have struggled with my own health issues over the years including an iron deficiency, and a thyroid condition I've lived with since 2011.

No matter what your shape or size, be proud of your body, and all that it allows you to do each day.