5 Simple Tips to Get your Beauty Rest

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It's no secret that the majority of the population is deeply affected by not getting adequate amounts of a good night's sleep.   Aside from causing stress and anxiety, sleep deprivation may causes a number of negative effects on one's health such as weight gain, memory loss, and high blood pressure.

Unfortunately sleep gets underlooked as a waste of time and consideration, but it's a crucial component to health and wellbeing.  A great night's rest helps to

Here are 5 tips to get a good night's rest: 

1) Enjoy a warm bath or shower
The warm water eases tension, soothes muscles and relieves stress that may have accumulated throughout the day.

2) Aromatherapy
Adding a few drops of essential oils is a natural and therapeutic way to wind your body down. Lavender is one of my go-to oils and I like to add a few drops onto my pillow before bed.

3) Unplug It
Disconnect from social media and work devices. The light from digital devices disturbs our sleep hormones, making a good night's rest difficult.

4) Purify the Air
This is especially beneficial during the colder months. An air purifier eliminates dryness, dust and bacteria in the air, and eases breathing patterns while you sleep. 

5) Set the Mood
At least 30 minutes before bed, turn off extra lights and distractions. Turn on a fan, play calming music to adjust to your environment. This routine programs your body by helping it ease into a restful sleep.